3 Ways Brands Are Chasing Millennial Men

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The fashion industry has always been a powerful force in our culture, and millennial men are increasingly taking pride in their appearance. Those brands that produce clothing and accessories for men have noticed this trend and are targeting more of their products towards the millennial man and reshaping the men’s fashion industry. Here are some of the ways that brands are chasing millennial men.

The Emergence of Dressier Clothing

If you take a look at many of the fashion brands offering men’s clothing today, you will see that a clean-cut style is starting to take over the male fashion scene. Old-fashioned styles are intermingling with modern formal clothing to produce a style that helps men look more dapper and stand out from the typical male fashion scene. Brands are taking notice of this growing need and are starting to produce clothing geared towards millennial men.

One post by the Los Angeles Times discusses the shift in the fashion scene by millennial men and describes some of the popular trends:

“…Among the archetypes: the modern gent (mixes suits with patterns and textures), the urban dapper dude (wears expensive streetwear such as leather sweatpants), the upscale casual guy (goes for high-quality, high-cost basics), and the lumbersexual (a twist on the term “metrosexual” referring to guys in plaid shirts with well-groomed beards).”

Exclusive or Designer Clothing

Anything exclusive or designer clothing produced by brands that are popular among millennials is guaranteed to sell. For example, take a look at some of the up-and-coming brands available at some of your favorite brand’s websites. Their collection consists of a refreshingly unique style of clothing that advances many of the current trends showcased by more recognizable designers. They focus heavily on unexpected tones and textures to provide an intricate clothing experience.

If you take a look at most high-end designers or brand names, you’ll see similar styles and wardrobe pieces that are said to offer almost the same experience for customers each time. High-end clothing is often a status symbol within our society, and millennial men that are looking to stand out are willing to make these purchases to differentiate themselves from the rest.

Shopping Made Simple

Shopping at high-end designer stores means having less of a selection of individual items to match other items and more of a selection of complete outfits. Take a look at any designer or name brand website or store, and you will find a lesser selection of clothes but more outfits that are already put together.

The brands that sell men’s fashion believe that men who are searching for these types of styles have less time to dedicate to creating their wardrobe. The busy millennials who shop at these stores are able to walk right in or browse online and get an entire outfit without having to search around a store or website. With this type of convenience available, the brands that offer the newest designer and formal trends have an advantage over other brands, making these trends more common.

In men’s fashion, we have seen designer clothes and clean-cut styles become the norm, with plain jeans and T-shirts falling to the wayside. The examples above are some of the ways that brands are achieving this transition into these new trends and targeting millennial men to create a new sense of style within the men’s fashion industry.