First Time Parasailing? Here’s What You Need to Know

a person parachuting in the sky

The parasailing experience is like no other experience.

You feel the wind blowing through your hair as you’re being uplifted into the sky to enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the ocean. Like every other sport, parasailing can be dangerous and it is important to know all of the safety factors before getting into the boat.

The Equipment

It is important to know what type of equipment you will be using when parasailing. There are a lot of safety precautions to take and with that comes harnesses and safety equipment like a tow rope that should be in good working order before you begin.

The Limits

There are limitations on parasailing equipment that you should be aware of before you set off on your journey above the seas. There is an age limit and most companies require the rider to be at least 16 years old before sailing. There are also weight limits. The typical weight limit for the equipment is 450 lbs.

The Weather

The weather is a very important factor when it comes to parasailing, winds affect the waves on the ocean and the ride can get bumpy. The best days to set sail are bright sunny days that have low wind speeds.


Most instructors are great when it comes to safety and service and the most important factor is that you trust that they are knowledgeable. It is important to ask questions and ensure that you fully trust the instructors in charge of your sail. Your mind will be at ease and your journey will be more enjoyable.

The Launch

The parasailing launch is the most exhilarating part. It is important to know every aspect of the launch so that you’re not surprised by the sudden lift-off. Some riders enjoy being swept off their feet but others must be prepped for the process.

As you get ready

Take your journey into the sky and have your feet dangle over the ocean, ensure that you and your loved ones are safe by learning about all the equipment and safety issues before you launch. Once you feel secure, get ready to have the time of your life over the water!