3 Secrets to Throwing an Amazing Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

Getting hitched this fall? While it’s understandable if you’re stressing about the wedding ceremony itself because it likely to be the more formal aspect of the event, your guests probably won’t bat an eye at any missteps that occur. They’re just looking forward to the party that follows. It’s the chance to dance the night away, celebrate love, eat good food, and toast to your future. Here are some tried-and-true ways to ensure your guests are happy from the moment you say “I do” the final dance at the wedding reception.

Don’t underestimate the importance of seating arrangements.

If you’ve ever attended a wedding reception, you’re likely familiar with the awkward feeling you get when you’re seated next to a stranger or someone you just don’t get along with all night. You might think it’s a fun idea to switch things up to encourage new people to become friends, or even play matchmaker to two old college friends you just know would be perfect for each other, but this might not be the time for such creative seating.

At the reception, play it safe. Match up work friends, school friends, family members, and kids of the same age group. If you know two guests are unlikely to find anything to talk about over a glass of wine, be courteous enough to respect their differences and seat them apart.

Make your guests feel appreciated.


Arranging the tables in a simple, tasteful, and elegant way will ensure that guests feel cared for. Let them know where they’re seated well in advance by preparing an easy-to-understand seating chart at the doorway of the venue, so they won’t be able to miss it on the way in. During the evening, be accessible. Talk to your guests, compliment them on their wedding guest dresses, and make social calls all across the room instead of lingering too long by the bar.

For smaller weddings, you may wish to personalize each table. For instance, you might wish to light candles at the table where your extended family members will be seated with their spouses to add a romantic aesthetic. A tableful of kids might prefer a light dusting of confetti or sparkles — your best bet on acquiring these items would be to order from Premier Glow. Renting a photo booth would also be a great way to capture and document fun moments with your guests.

Hire a live band instead of a DJ.

If your budget allows for it, opt for a timeless live band rather than a DJ. Live music helps everyone feel a little bit more connected to one another when they’re on the dance floor. One reason people choose to get a DJ instead is simply that live musicians can’t play steadily all night without breaks. But as long as the band is equipped to handle the style of music that you and your spouse like, and they plan their breaks in a reasonable way, there’s no reason you can’t achieve the same level of enjoyment.

Most wedding bands brand themselves for a specific niche, so you can figure out whether a certain band suits your style or not. If your wedding is rustic and outdoors, a band with a blues rock aesthetic is better than a black-tie jazz quartet. Interview a few different bands just as you would a potential employee, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be sure to figure out the acoustics of the venue before you approach any bands, and establish the appropriate sound volume to keep both your tipsy friends and your 90-year-old grandmother satisfied.