Everything You Need To Know About Multi-Year Annuities

Are you considering a multi-year annuity? This type of annuity can be a great way to grow your wealth and provide financial security in retirement. But there are a few things you should know before you purchase a multi-year annuity. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about multi-year annuities. What is a

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Happy young couple first time home owners holding keys in new home.

How To Be an Exceptional Homeowner

There are a lot of reasons why you should strive to be a good homeowner. For one, being a responsible homeowner can save you money over time. If you take care of your home and property, you’re less likely to have to spend money on repairs or replacements. Additionally, proper homeownership habits can help you

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selective focus of funeral urn with photo frame on wooden shelve

How To Personalize a Cremation Service

When a loved one passes away, it’s natural to want to personalize their cremation services to make them as unique and memorable as possible. This can be done in several ways, from choosing the right music to selecting personal mementos to display. Keep reading to learn more about how to personalize a cremation service. What

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How To Set Healthy Boundaries When Starting a New Business

Are you starting a new business? If so, it’s important to set healthy boundaries. Creating healthy boundaries for yourself can prevent self destructive behavior down the road and promote both your well-being and that of the business. This will help you protect your time, energy, and resources. Keep reading to learn how to set healthy

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wooden blocks with male and female toys

Common Myths About Home and Auto Insurance

Car and home insurance are a necessary part of life. They protect our homes and vehicles from a wide range of expenses associated with car accidents, vandalism, theft, and more. However, many people have different opinions surrounding these insurance policies due to the myths that surround them. There are many myths about home and auto

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a man and woman jumping on a bed

The Importance of Family Fun for School-Age Children

Having fun together is a central aspect of any family. It helps to build relationships and create memories that will last a lifetime. Some families like to get together and do something active, like go for a hike or go swimming. Other families prefer to do something more relaxed, like watch a movie or play

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Women’s Health

The Importance of Women’s Health

Getting a serious diagnosis from your doctor can be life altering. You may become scared, depressed, and unsure about the future. Women often find themselves suffering from illnesses unique to women, unaware of how common it is, or of the preventative measures they could have taken. With the proper knowledge and support team by your

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What It Takes to Be a Caretaker

Most humans have a natural impulse to be helpful. That’s true regardless of if there’s an injured cat outside their door or a frail old lady trying to cross the road without a walker. When our aging relatives reaches the point where they can no longer live on their own, it’s natural to want to

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Wear Skirts and Dresses

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Skirts and Dresses More Often

Description: Skirts and dresses are not only made for special occasions. In fact, you should wear them more often, even on an everyday basis. Slide One: When you’re walking past a women’s clothing store, the first thing that catches your eyes in the windows is that shimmery summer dress. Dresses are made to embrace your body

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a man fixing a car

Auto Maintenance 101

I could use some insight. I’ve recently graduated from college and moved across the country for my new job. I’m now considering whether or not it makes sense to get a car, but I wanted to make sure it’s the right decision. I arrived in Dallas, Texas a couple of weeks ago from Washington, DC–where

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