West Coast Cool: What’s Happening in Oregon


Have you ever considered a vacation in the great state of Oregon? As a jewel of the West Coast, Oregon truly has something for everyone. Take off from the metropolitan city of Portland in the morning and you can walk along the Pacific Ocean by the afternoon! If you’re a lucky traveler, bring along a few extra dollars. Gambling is legal in Oregon and offers the finest in gambling entertainment. The culinary scene is quite hot as well. Hip new restaurants offer gourmet food and craft beverages. Whether you’re flying, driving, or even sailing, Oregon is a hit!

If you’re passing through Oregon, make a stop in North Bend. Right on the coast, North Bend is a day’s drive from Portland or Reno. The bustling little village is a traveler’s paradise. Sporting a thriving community, beautiful nature, and a world class casino, Bend showcases some of the best Oregon has to offer. The calm bay waters give way to the salty air of the sea. It truly is an amazing little spot. Spend a night, stop by the casino, and try your luck.

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There’s nothing quite like the sound of slot machines spinning mixed with the joyous laughter of a big win! Casinos aren’t places to make money, they’re places that allow you to dream big. If you enjoy the thrill of a roulette wheel or high stakes card games, you’ll have an absolute blast. One awesome perk to visiting a new casino: player rewards. Most all casinos show their appreciation through a player reward system. Signup is free and you can walk out with some great prizes! Learn a new game or play an old favorite. Either way, you’re going to have a great time.

After you’ve enjoyed the salty air of the coast, head up to Portland. If you love a good beer, Portland is the town for you. It seems like everywhere you go now, a new brewery has popped up. Portland is quite fortunate, the beer scene isn’t limited to specific neighborhoods. What would you do if you were a Portland beer distributor? If your answer is “find the best beer in the world!” then you’d be correct! With its close proximity to Canada and Asia, you can find delicious beers from around the globe. With new beers released nearly everyday, the opportunities are nearly endless.

It’s clear to see just how cool Oregon is. If you’re needing a break from the mundane, take a voyage out to the great state of Oregon. No matter your interest, you’ll find something amazing. Have a day at the casino and win big. Take a hike to an amazing waterfall. Watch the sunset with a unique beer. A cruise down the backroads can take you from ocean to forest in just half a day. When you’re in Oregon, you’ll be sure to have great times and make some long lasting friends.