Where Can I Find Affordable Self Storage?

a man holding a box in a warehouse

Self-storage is a major asset for many homeowners, renters, businesses, and virtually all other types of consumers. Storage solutions come in a range of options, and there truly is a self-storage unit that fits everyone’s needs. Finding the right solution for your personalized requirements can be a challenge though. The primary issue when it comes to finding a great self-storage unit for your personal belongings is in the requirements that you have. Many of us simply don’t understand what kind of storage unit best serves our unique needs.

But it doesn’t have to be an impossible task to find a great storage unit for your belongings. With this guide, selecting the right storage facility and type of storage space for your exacting specifications can be made just a bit easier. With this information in mind, you can get started perusing the types of facilities available in your local area and get the solution you need for your belongings today.

Storage units fill a number of particular use cases.


Affordable self storage comes in all shapes and sizes, from RV and boat storage to small units housed within highly secure, indoor facilities. Whether you need 24-hour access or simply need to drop by once a month to check on the integrity of your lock, there’s a storage solution out there that’s perfect for you. A storage unit fills one of the basic needs of the consumer world: We often have more possessions than we know what to do with. Placing some of your possessions in a self-storage facility can help declutter your home or office space, and for businesses, a storage facility is a must for maintaining stocks of inventory in a secure location with easy access. Some people even select a secure facility to maintain their personal records or valuables in order to remove these possessions from their main residence for safekeeping.

The first thing you have to do when approaching a self-storage unit is evaluated your own unique use case. Then, you can identify spaces that do the job for you.

Outdoor units are great for recreational needs.


Some storage users require easy access and benefit greatly from outdoor units that allow for drive-up options. These are a great choice for those who need to protect a second car, jet skis, or other possessions that fit within a garage-type space. Outdoor storage units offer excellent options for those with storage needs that resemble a residential space and can feel like an extension of your own home in many instances.

Yet outdoor spaces are often less secure than those inside a climate-controlled facility.

Secure, climate-controlled units provide the best in safety.


Climate-controlled storage facilities offer the best mix of security and air conditioning for sensitive documents or other important items. An outdoor space is great for durable items, but nothing beats the moisture and mold control that an air-conditioned storage facility provides for the items that are the most sensitive.

On a related note, it’s estimated that more than $2 billion was lost annually by Pablo Escobar as a direct result of the storage methods that the cartel boss resorted to in order to hide his earnings. Rats, the elements, and more contributed to the destruction of this fragile mixture of cloth and paper. While your storage needs will be under many different circumstances, that fun fact does go to show that an indoor storage facility is the best way to protect sensitive paper documents, computer equipment, and much more than simply can’t be left to chance.

Finding great self-storage options is all about understanding the needs that you must meet with your possessions. For some who are storing birth certificates, collectible cards, and memorabilia, or other sensitive possessions, climate-controlled facilities are a must. For others with durable items, a wide range of options can serve your needs admirably. Consider all your options for the best results.